Reduce Your Farm Expenses With Solar

Reduce Your Farm Expenses With Solar

Installing solar panels for farms in Highland & Springfield, IL, Layton, UT & Twin Falls, ID

If you haven't looked into agricultural solar solutions lately, you may be surprised to find out how much power you can get from a solar array. CR Solar LLC installs solar panels for farms in Layton, Utah and the surrounding inter mountain region. Cut your energy expenses with a solar array that will power your farm's water pumps or automated milking machine.

Work with a team that knows how to design a large-scale energy array for agricultural use. Call 801-444-5130 today to set up a solar consultation.

Explore affordable agricultural solar solutions in your area

Our experienced engineering team uses CAD software to design solar panels for farms on a large scale. No room on your roof? We can install large and small ground-mounted solar panels.

You can also count on us to help you find cost-saving measures, such as...

  • Agricultural grants
  • Government rebates
  • Tax credits

Find out how you can get grant money to cover part or all of the cost of your solar array by calling our office in Layton, UT. Let our agricultural solar solutions transform the way you farm.