How Green Is Your Home?

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Wondering if you can really cut your energy expenses with a solar panel installation? With thousands of Residential installations to our name across our Illinois, Utah and Idaho footprint, CR Solar has the experience and expertise you're looking for. We can educate you on all the current state rebates and credits around the red hot SREC program exclusively available in Illinois. Imagine what a yearly average of 225 sunny days can do to power your home. Just adding a few rooftop solar panels can dramatically reduce your energy bill.

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Make your home more energy-efficient with rooftop solar panels


Commercial Projects

Don't be the last one to upgrade your building to a solar energy system.

Commercial Projects

Agricultural Work

Do more with solar energy than you ever imagined.

Agricultural Work

Serving residents of Highland & Springfield, IL, Layton, UT & Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding inter mountain region

Interested in upgrading your business property to solar energy? Discover all the possibilities commercial solar panels offer by calling 801-444-5130 today. Talk to our knowledgeable office staff about what's available under your city and state jurisdiction.

Operate a sun-powered farm

Agricultural solar energy is spreading throughout Layton, Utah. A solar energy installation is an excellent way to make your farm more energy-efficient. Ask CR Solar for a...

  • Solar survey: Before we accept a job, we'll make sure your property is suitable for a rooftop or ground-mounted solar energy installation.
  • Free estimate: Find out what the up-front costs will be, and how you can reduce them with government rebates.
  • Custom design: Count on our team to create a custom solar array for your farm using CAD software.

Turn to a licensed and insured electrician who specializes in installing solar panels for farms.


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